Working Groups

Learn more about RCUSA’s collaborative working groups.

Advocacy Committee 

RCUSA’s Advocacy Committee serves as the hub for the strategic policy work of the coalition’s member organizations, and coordinates advocacy engagement with Congress, the Administration, and across a network of grassroots advocates.


Anti-Racism Working Group 

The Anti-Racism Working Group was conceived of and organized by coalition members in response to the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Tony McDade, and the ensuing year of organizing and protests. The ARWG endeavors to create a space to critically engage with issues of anti-Blackness, racism, and inequity within RCUSA’s spaces and issue areas, and the immigration field at-large.


Asylum Services Working Group

Composed of both RCUSA member organizations and key external partners, the Asylum Services Working Group strives to inform policy and programs relating to the service and protection of people seeking asylum in the United States. 


Climate Displacement Working Group

RCUSA’s newest working group focuses on promoting protections for persons subjected to forced displacement related to the impacts of climate change, and sharing information among member organizations working in this policy area.


Communications Committee 

RCUSA’s Communications Committee is the convener for the coalition’s rapid response and long term strategic communications projects, centering community storytellers and leaders, transformative narrative change, and other strategic communications projects.


Resettlement Committee

Reserved for the nine national resettlement agencies, RCUSA’s Resettlement Committee provides the resettlement agencies with a platform for sharing programmatic updates, coordinating services, and promoting excellence throughout the US resettlement program. Subcommittees focus on operational issues specific to the pre- and post-arrival phases of refugee resettlement.


Sponsorship Working Group

The Sponsorship working group develops aligned programmatic and policy approaches to co-sponsorship, private sponsorship, and other forms of community sponsorship, practices that engage community groups and the broader public in providing services for refugees. 

Vulnerable Minors Working Group 

RCUSA’s Vulnerable Minors Working Group gathers programmatic experts who focus on the care and safety of unaccompanied children and refugee minors.