Now more than ever your voice is needed to support, welcome, and protect refugees.

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Advocacy helps to transform policies and services that affect refugees and asylum seekers. Join RCUSA in support of our advocacy efforts!

It is more important than ever to meet with your local, state, and national policy makers to educate them about the vital role that refugees and all newcomers play in your communities. Because change takes time, meetings with policy makers should be viewed as part of a continuing process of gathering and sharing information, building relationships, and developing and carrying out advocacy strategies.

Engage National and State Elected Leaders

At the national and state levels, individuals who oppose refugee resettlement are making their voices heard loudly and frequently to policy makers.

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Engage Local Policy Makers

City, municipal, and other local councils and commissions need to hear that their communities stand ready to help refugees integrate and thrive. Urge your local leaders to adopt welcoming resolutions that extend hospitality to refugees and all newcomers.

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National Advocacy

In 2018, we faced 14 anti-refugee bills in 11 states and 10 anti-refugee/anti-immigrant bills in 6 states, as well as 11 pro-refugee bills in 6 states and 67 pro-refugee/pro-immigrant bills in 20 states. If we want policy makers to support positive legislation and oppose proposals that would turn our backs on refugees and violate our values of welcome and hospitality, then they need to hear from refugees and supportive community members.

#Blackout4Refugees – October 7th – 14th 2019

Washington, DC - Beginning Monday morning, advocates and allies across the country will be blacking out their social media profiles to demonstrate their support of refugees and their condemnation of the Trump Administration’s attacks against refugee resettlement.

On September 26, the administration announced a new executive order that could give states and localities the ability to ban refugees from being resettled in their communities, and announced a proposed Presidential Determination (PD) of 18,000. These two changes will leave thousands of refugees in harm’s.

In addition to blacking out their social media profiles, participants will be signing a petition asking Members of Congress to support the GRACE Act (S. 1088/H.R. 2146) and to share their support of refugees and refugee resettlement.

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Tell Pompeo – Refugees Welcome! – October 15th, 2019

Protesters wearing life vests will risk arrest in solidarity with refugees and in opposition to the administration’s dismantlement of the refugee resettlement program.

Participants will assemble in front of the Capitol at Constitution and First St. NE on October 15th at 1:00 PM.

WHAT: Protest and Responding to Decimation of Refugee Resettlement
WHERE: Capitol Lawn Area 9, Constitution and First St NE
WHEN: Tuesday, October 15th at 1:00 PM

DETAILS: 18 protestors will wear life vests as a symbol of this life-saving program and the 18,000 cap set by the Trump administration – the lowest in the history of the program. 95 protesters will hold photographs of refugees, a nod to the historic average refugee cap of 95,000. Faith leaders will have clergy collars and stoles.

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Push back against Trump’s Anti-Refugee Executive Order

The Trump Administration issued an executive order that potentially gives states and municipalities the authority to disallow refugees entry into their communities. Our current resettlement policies ensure strong, active partnerships between state and local communities and resettlement agencies, making this executive order unnecessary.

We need our communities to rally in support of refugees, and ask their state and local elected officials to continue welcoming refugees. Please use this toolkit to for talking points, actions, and social media materials.

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Local Advocacy

It is critical for local policy makers to hear from us and affirm that they welcome refugees. There are positive proposals that local elected officials can adopt to affirm the importance of resettlement and foster communities of welcome. City, municipal, and other local councils and commissions need to hear that their communities stand ready to help refugees integrate and thrive.


Review our recent policy updates, reports and toolkits.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Local resettlement agencies have volunteer opportunities ranging from front desk help support to English language instruction.

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