Community Sponsorship

Refugees thrive when their communities welcome them and are involved in their integration.

Welcome a Refugee to Your Community

You can welcome a refugee to your community through community sponsorship. As a community sponsor, you can partner with your local resettlement agency to greet a refugee family at their airport, assist them in securing and furnishing initial housing, connect them with local services, and show them all of the things that make your community so special!


From a Sponsor

This community really rallies around these refugees, and we welcome them. They’re not refugees anymore. They are our community members, and I think our community is stronger because of refugees in our area.

DANIELLE, Community Sponsor, Arkansas

From a Refugee

“My goal is to contribute to this community after going to college. It’s really [a] tremendous help they gave to us so we gotta give back to them.

MOHAMMED, Sponsored Refugee, Connecticut 

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