In 2021, learn about asylum in the US and the journeys of those seeking asylum.

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What is asylum?

“Asylum” is a system of protection available to people who have fled their homes because they have been or they fear they will be persecuted for their race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or their inclusion in a particular social group.

To request asylum, the person must ask for protection directly from within the country, or border of the country, where they hope to remain.

Additional Resources

Our lead organizations

Human Rights First

Human Rights First is an advocacy and action nonprofit based in Washington, DC, Houston, and Los Angeles. They believe that the US plays a significant role in the global pursuit of human rights and as such, they hold US policy makers and private industry accountable for upholding human rights.

Center for Victims of Torture

CVT is a nonprofit organization that strives to end the practice of torture around the world, including the US, through policy and advocacy work while also offering direct, trauma-informed care to survivors of torture and violent conflict here in the US.