Story Sharing

In 2021, we need to spend more time hearing directly from community members about the experience of sharing their stories as advocacy.

Share Stories from the Community

Use this toolkit to uplift the stories of refugees, asylees, and stateless people.

The Stories of Us: The Storyteller’s Journey 

There’s power in sharing your story, and advocates often emphasize getting personal when doing the work of building support around a cause. The personal is compelling, while facts often fall flat. Having the opportunity to share your story can drive change and be liberating. And it can also take a lot of emotional and mental energy, particularly when the part of your story you’re being asked to retell may be rooted in trauma, or hardships.

A group of refugees, stateless people, and asylees who advocate for humanitarian protections gather to get honest about their experiences sharing their personal stories for the movement; the times that have felt freeing, and the things they wish reporters would stop asking.



Take Action with a Twitter Storm

On January 22nd, join us in a Twitter storm from 12-1pm ET to tell the Biden administration that we are here to hold them accountable to #RestoringWelcome.

Use this toolkit for sample Tweets and unbranded graphics!