The Center

The Center for Refugee Inclusion and Resettlement Excellence is RCUSA’s hub for programmatic initiatives and practice innovation. The Center is committed to the rights and protection of refugees and asylum seekers in the US and around the world, and to the resettlement and protection of forced migrants and their integration in the US.

The Center

The Center for Refugee Inclusion and Resettlement Excellence (The Center) promotes cutting-edge thinking on resettlement, asylum services, and protective services for unaccompanied minors, develops anti-oppressive programming that is evidence-based and provides policy guidance to local, state, and national policymakers, and expands support for welcome across the US.


The Center pushes the envelope on what integrative services means by placing inclusion as an integral part of our mission. It positions RCUSA to shape the agenda for the future of resettlement, asylum services, and services for unaccompanied minors while addressing a broader group of concerns and issues.


The Center is a thought-leader and partner on research, policy, and program design. The Center convenes and sponsors workshops, lifts up the good work of RCUSA members, amplifies best practices, showcases new strategies, and provides technical assistance through our membership. The Center is intrinsically linked to RCUSA’s communications and advocacy work, as it gives us a much broader knowledge base, more community partners, and new allies to share our work.


The Center provides a locus to seed initiatives and engage across the entire resettlement community. The Center is also a place for organizations to coalesce around joint projects. 


Finally, the Center creates excitement and hope, and a vision for the future. By embedding it in the newly constituted RCUSA we make a commitment to that future and will give others hope that we can get there, as a much broader and more inclusive community.

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