About Us

A coalition supporting and protecting the rights of forcibly displaced people


Since 2000, RCUSA has served as the only national coalition devoted to forcibly displaced people in the United States. As a thought leader and convener, we advance collective learning and action to respond to displacement crises, transform humanitarian systems, and help affected communities.

Mission and Vision

RCUSA mobilizes expertise, ideas, and influence to protect the rights of forcibly displaced people and build more welcoming societies. RCUSA envisions a just world in which people forced to flee their homes have agency, access to safety, and opportunity to thrive.

Our Guiding Principles


We are a community of members deeply rooted in the care and well-being of others. We believe transparency, trust, and shared accountability are essential for our collective effectiveness and success.

Constituent Leadership

We believe people with direct lived experience of forced displacement have a critical voice and role to play as leaders, experts, advocates, and everyday citizens.


As a coalition of humanitarian organizations, we believe we have an opportunity and responsibility to embed equity in all that we do.


We believe that a culture of belonging strengthens democracy and creates opportunities for all. Given the scale and complexity of global forced displacement, we are compelled to reimagine the policies and conditions that enable everyone to thrive. We believe this work is only possible through united efforts across communities and movements.


We are committed to ongoing learning and growth through active consideration of new perspectives, approaches, and ideas. We believe curiosity, humility, and courage are essential to respond and adapt to the dynamic challenges of global displacement today.

Our Staff & Board

RCUSA’s staff and board comprise field experts, advocates, and community leaders with the aim to support the coalition's essential work.

Our Members

RCUSA’s 41-member organizations represent the 10 national resettlement agencies, service providers, advocates, and human rights defenders operating across the US. Their leadership helps shape the future of humanitarian protection.

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