Impact Areas

Strengthening the collective power of our advocates

RCUSA channels the expertise and focus of its member organizations to drive systemic change.

RCUSA members and partners deliver responsive, equity-focused policies and programs through multilateral advocacy, strategic communications, and programmatic coordination to enhance the impact of our member organizations and coalition actions. As a thought leader and convener, we advance collective learning and action to respond to displacement crises, transform humanitarian systems, and help affected communities thrive.

Committees & Working Groups

RCUSA’s work comes to life through its committees and working groups. Shaped by the needs of member organizations, the configuration of working groups and committees help the coalition respond to the most pressing humanitarian protection issues.

Policy Center

Re-launched in 2023, the RCUSA Policy Center is dedicated to strengthening protection for all forcibly displaced people by enhancing the overall effectiveness of our coalition – and broader networks of stakeholders – through innovative programming, dissemination of useful resources, and impactful policy research and development.

Constituent Leadership

RCUSA members believe that people with direct lived experience in forced displacement have a critical voice to play as leaders, experts, advocates, and everyday citizens. RCUSA builds constituent leadership into every aspect of its work including representation across its committees and working groups, and spearheading projects like the US Refugee Advisory Board alongside RCUSA member Refugee Congress.

Programmatic Excellence

Since 2000, RCUSA has served as the only national coalition devoted to forcibly displaced people in the United States. As a thought leader and convener, RCUSA brings together the 10 national resettlement agencies and other direct service providers to engage in research, share best practices, and advocate for meaningful programmatic change.

RCUSA collaborates through committees and working groups

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