Member Statements on President Trump’s March 6 Executive Order on Refugees

Church World Service
CWS Condemns Rewritten Executive Order Against Refugees and Muslims

HIAS Statement on New Executive Order Targeting Refugees

Human Rights First
Revised Draft Executive Order on Refugees Continues to Betray Ideals, Put America at Risk

International Rescue Committee
Counterproductive and cruel, new Executive Order narrowed to exclude most vetted, most vulnerable

Jesuit Refugee Service/USA
We Must Uphold the American Values of Opportunity and Welcome

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service
Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service Opposes New Executive Action Targeting Refugee Resettlement

Southeast Asia Resource Action Center
SEARAC Denounces Executive Order Blocking Refugees and Muslims, Attacking Nation’s Values

US Conference of Catholic Bishops
U.S. Bishops Chairman on Migration says New Executive Order Still Leaves Many Innocent Lives at Risk

World Relief
World Relief Responds to Revised Trump Executive Order