Member Statements on Refugees and the 2016 Presidential Election Results

RCUSA members have released the following statements regarding refugees and the 2016 presidential election results:

Center for Victims of Torture
A Statement on the Presidential Election from Curt Goering

“While we were horrified by the extreme pro-torture and anti-refugee rhetoric employed by the Trump campaign, we look forward to working with and educating the next administration.”
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Church World Service
With Election Results In, Church World Service Will Continue to Stand in Solidarity with Refugees and Immigrants and Address Urgent Global Issues

“As a pastor, it is critical for me to underscore that words and proposals from either side of the political aisle that promote discrimination, fear and hate are not only unproductive in confronting our challenges, but dishonor our legacy as a nation and our values as people of faith. Unequivocally, CWS stands with our immigrant brothers and sisters, including refugees who are seeking safety and an opportunity to rebuild their lives.” -Rev. John L. McCullough, President and CEO of Church World Service
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Episcopal Migration Ministries
The Rev. Canon E. Mark Stevenson Issues Statement Post Election

“Episcopal Migration Ministries welcomes our new President, our new Congress, and the full breadth and depth of a new government into this work. We are certain that as they experience refugee resettlement as we have, they will come to know the hope that refugees bring to this great country. The struggle will always be present in this work, but division need not be.”
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Ethiopian Community Development Council
ECDC Calls on President-Elect Trump to Remember the Contributions of America’s Immigrants

“We urge the new administration to incorporate an understanding of the historically significant and ongoing contributions that refugees and immigrants have made and  continue to make to this country.”
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HIAS Calls on President-Elect Trump to Respect Longstanding Refugee Policy

“As a bitter and hard-fought campaign for president comes to an end, so should the divisive rhetoric about refugees. America has always been at its greatest when we have welcomed refugees to our shores, and at its weakest when we have shut our doors out of fear. We urge President-elect Trump to demonstrate that America is not afraid of refugees, and to show leadership for human rights and refugee protection during the global refugee crisis, the largest of its kind since the World War II.” – Mark Hetfield, President and CEO of HIAS
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Human Rights First
Statement on the 2016 Presidential Election

“As Americans prepare for a peaceful transition of power to the next administration, Human Rights First remains committed to protecting the ideals that make America a strong and compassionate nation. We will spend the final days of the Obama Administration and the coming four years dedicated to pursuing policies that lift up the voices of tolerance, protect refugees, and build alliances in support of the rule of law and national security.”
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International Refugee Assistance Project
After Election Results, IRAP Vows to Continue Enforcing Legal Protection of Refugees

“Welcoming refugees is not just a matter of human kindness, but of national security. As the United States opens its arms to those who have fled from terrorism, it promotes American ideals of freedom and democracy, counters the narrative of extremists, and protects our military and allies overseas.  Now, more than ever, refugees are in need of good lawyers, and we will zealously advocate for our clients’ rights, at home and abroad. We look forward to working with a broad, bipartisan coalition to fulfill our humanitarian obligation and promote global security.”
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International Rescue Committee
Now is the time to embrace our common humanity

“The International Rescue Committee is committed to partnering with the new Administration, Congress and communities across the country and around the world to ensure the most vulnerable among us have the support and opportunity they need and deserve.”
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Lutheran Immigration and Refugee SErvice
Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service calls on Trump Administration to continue support for refugees and migrants

“Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS) affirms its commitment to work with the Trump Administration to uphold the United States’ long tradition of protecting and welcoming refugees.  America has always been a place of safety and refuge for persons seeking protection, and LIRS and its partners have worked for more than 75 years to create communities of welcome. At a time when the world is facing the largest global refugee crisis since World War II, it is our hope that the Trump Administration will demonstrate a continued commitment to upholding American values by recognizing that the protection and resettlement of refugees is an urgent and critical component of the worldwide efforts to tackle this crisis.”
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Southeast Asia Resource Action Center (SEARAC)
We Love, We Heal, We Organize

“SEARAC is committed to fighting even harder, with more love and more determination, for our community’s well-being and e
mpowerment.  Our work may have just gotten a lot harder, but we will continue building a civil rights movement with communities of color, with Muslim communities, with women, with LGBT communities, with people with disabilities, and with anyone who wants to fight for a better America where hatred and oppression will never win, together on this long road to equity and social justice.”
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U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants
USCRI welcomes President-elect Trump

“We encourage our new President to continue the tradition of the best of American values including equal protection and respect for every member of society. Worldwide, millions are denied basic human rights and we are strengthened as a country when all of humanity is recognized. America has always been the beacon of hope for the oppressed and this must continue.” – Lavinia Limon, President and CEO of U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants
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U.S. Conference of catholic bishops
USCCB Migration Chairman Calls Upon Elected Officials and All Americans to Work Together to Welcome Refugees and Immigrants without Sacrificing Our Core Values and Security

“We pray that as the new administration begins its role leading our country, it will recognize the contributions of refugees and immigrants to the overall prosperity and well-being of our nation. We will work to promote humane policies that protect refugee and immigrants’ inherent dignity, keep families together, and honor and respect the laws of this nation.”
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World Relief
World Relief Renews Commitment to Stand with Refugees and Immigrants

“Since 1944, World Relief has been pleased to work with Democratic and Republican administrations to advance a humanitarian mandate that is at the heart of the American ideal and at the heart of our theology as a Christian organization…We call upon President-elect Trump to continue to partner with agencies—including World Relief—who actively help resettle refugees in the United States.  As governments change in Washington, one thing will not change, and that is World Relief’s commitment to help “the least of these”—including refugees and immigrants.”
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