Presidential Determination Signed: RCUSA Responds to Dramatic Reduction of US Commitment to Refugee Resettlement

Washington, DC – On November 1, the President signed the Presidential Determination on Refugee Admissions for Fiscal Year 2020, setting the lowest refugee admissions goal in the four-decade history of the program to 18,000 refugees. Over the past few weeks, advocates, faith leaders, former refugees, retired military and government officials have all expressed their continued support for robust resettlement and detailed how and why policies that undercut resettlement are detrimental to refugees, American communities, and to the United States’ values and interests around the world.

Our nation has the resources and communities ready to welcome those who need the protection of the United States. Dramatically reducing the US commitment to refugee resettlement,  undermines US values of liberty, freedom and welcome and our standing as a global humanitarian leader.

RCUSA chair Bill Canny responded:

“Welcoming refugees has been a proud feature of our American legacy. By drastically reducing the resettlement program by over 80% in three years, we fail to live up to that legacy. RCUSA, each of its member organizations and the communities of which we are a part, remain committed to securing protections for those most in need.”

Media Contact: Sarah Seniuk