RCUSA condemns proposed asylum ban

Washington, DC – NBC News reports that the Biden administration is considering harmful and unlawful new anti-asylum policies, to be put in place following the end of Title 42. The Administration’s plans reportedly include a policy that would block access to asylum for those who passed through a third country on their way to the United States if they did not seek asylum in their countries of transit and receive a denial. Such a measure is reminiscent of the Stephen Miller-designed asylum transit ban imposed by former President Trump, which was ruled unlawful by federal courts. It would severely limit the ability of those fleeing violence and persecution to seek protection in the United States and likely result in the deportation of those with bonafide refugee claims back to danger.

The Administration is on the brink of fundamentally undermining asylum protection in the United States,” said RCUSA Executive Director John Slocum. “RCUSA strongly rejects the re-imposition of an asylum transit ban or any other policy that blocks people from exercising what is – under both US and international law – their right to seek asylum. We call on President Biden to fulfill his campaign promises and uphold this life-saving program.”

“Instead of instituting punitive, life-threatening policies that turn people back to the very violence and persecution they fled, the United States should invest in expanding our capacity to provide a humane reception for asylum seekers and a fair adjudication of their claims. On December 21st, the Trump-era policy Title 42 – which blocked over one million people from exercising their legal right to seek asylum – is set to expire. President Biden must honor this timeline and reject any policies that further harm asylum seekers.”

Media Contact: Sarah Seniuk, sseniuk@rcusa.org

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