RCUSA Responds to Trump Administration’s EO Granting States & Cities the Ability to Bar Refugee Resettlement

Washington, DC – The Trump Administration issued an executive order that potentially gives states and municipalities the authority to disallow refugees entry into their communities. Our current resettlement policies ensure strong, active partnerships between state and local communities and resettlement agencies, making this executive order unnecessary.

RCUSA Chair Bill Canny issued the following response:

“We call on all states and communities, and on our elected officials, to uphold the US value of welcoming refugees, standing as a beacon of protection for the world’s most vulnerable. We oppose this executive order as contrary to those values. It will create great operational uncertainty and confusion. It will also be a potential catalyst for unfair and discriminatory actions against refugee families. Let our unified message and practice as a nation be that America welcomes refugees.”

Media Contact: Sarah Seniuk sseniuk@rcusa.org