RCUSA Staff Offer Reflections to Community as Ballots Are Counted

Washington, DC — Whether by mail, drop off, or standing in line at the polls, an estimated 160 million American citizens cast their ballots over the course of the last several weeks. Experts say that this was the largest voter turnout in 120 years. To say these are “unprecedented times” may bolster the platitude, and yet it remains true. And so it follows that we may not know the final results of the 2020 Presidential Election for several days. While we may wish to have an answer to help chart the next part of our path, we hold firm in our knowledge that the eventual results will be upheld faithfully — as an essential part of our American democracy.

Election officials are working tirelessly to ensure that every vote is counted fully and accurately. For many of those seeking refuge and asylum, this uncertainty may be a reminder of what they have been forced to flee. Those resurfacing fears and anxieties are valid in their own right.

No matter what the results may be, or when we receive them, Refugee Council USA staff remain dedicated as always to our work. We will continue to push for excellence in refugee resettlement, for the essential rights of those seeking asylum, for stateless people to have a path forward to security, and for all forcibly displaced persons to have a route to safety and opportunity. Our staff are not alone in this pursuit. We’re joined by our equally dedicated membership and supportive communities, and of trailblazing asylee and refugee leaders.

We hope that each person is able to take strength in their community, knowing that even in times of crisis, the United States has always remained dedicated both to holding elections and maintaining peaceful transfers of power.