RCUSA Statement on the United States Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Ruling

Refugee Council USA Welcomes Washington State Court Ruling

Washington, DC- February 10, 2017

Refugee Council USA (RCUSA), a coalition dedicated to refugee protection and welcome, representing hundreds of thousands of refugees and their millions of supporters and volunteers, is encouraged by the ruling from the United States Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The court’s decision stops, at least temporarily, the enforcement of certain provisions of the Protecting the Nation from Terrorist Entry Into the United States by Foreign Nationals Executive Order.

As a result of this ruling, we expect that the proud tradition of the United States resettling refugees from around the world and of all faiths will continue. While we look forward to working with our many community partners around the country to welcome refugees in the coming days and weeks, we know that much more must still be done to ensure that the Executive Order is permanently overturned. Until this happens, RCUSA will stand in firm opposition to any attempts to halt refugee resettlement to the United States; efforts to ban specific refugee groups because of their faith; and, the reduction by 60% of the number of refugees that America welcomes this year.

Hans Van de Weerd, Chair of RCUSA states “This ruling is an important step forward for refugees and immigrants, but we continue to urge the Administration to rescind the Executive Order. Doing so would show a commitment to upholding the American values that have helped to define our country since its very inception.”