Refugee Council USA condemns the reported use of force against migrant children in Texas

Washington, DC – Reports have surfaced from a Texas trooper sharing concern over instructions for troops to push migrants – including children, nursing babies, and pregnant people – back into the Rio Grande should they attempt to cross into the US. This latest news comes on the heels of Governor Abbott’s deployment of buoys and razor wire fencing along and throughout the river.

“Governor Abbott’s most recent border actions are unconscionably cruel, with early reports indicating injury to children, teens, parents and others. Abbott’s choice to expand the violent policing of the southern border demonstrates either his lack of knowledge over the causes of forced displacement, or his lack of concern for vulnerable people,” shared John Slocum, RCUSA Executive Director. “We know that creating border obstacles doesn’t  deter crossings, it only makes journeys more dangerous and life threatening. The few stories we have heard so far are devastating. RCUSA condemns the inhumane policies that the Texas troopers are being asked to carry out, and we call on the Biden Administration to act swiftly to investigate Governor Abbott’s policies and uphold the rights of asylum seekers.”

RCUSA is a diverse coalition advocating for just and humane laws and policies, and the promotion of dialogue and communication among government, civil society, and those who need protection and welcome. Individual RCUSA members do not all address all refugee-related issues, nor do all individual members approach common refugee-related issues identically