Refugee Arrivals

For FY21 the administration further slashed refugee admission goals to an all-time low of 15,000, and instituted new categories for resettlement.

Arrivals December 1 – 31: 405

Arrivals by category for dates above:
Religious Persecution: 250
Iraqis Affiliated with the US: 4
Northern Triangle: 31
All Others: 120

FY21 Total: 1,403

Arrivals by category for FY21:
Religious Persecution: 786
Iraqis Affiliated with the US: 34
Northern Triangle: 115
All Others: 464

Presidential Determinations are most often broken down by region and country, and seek to ensure that those goals are set with global need in mind. For FY21. the administration continued its break with tradition, and instead of setting regional goals, has created several new categories:

Through this tracker, we will hold the administration accountable to admitting 15,000 refugees in FY21.