Refugee Arrivals

In light of concerns that the Trump Administration would fail to meet its annual refugee admissions ceiling for FY18, Refugee Council USA (RCUSA) launched a bi-weekly refugee admissions tracker as a way to gauge whether or not the administration was on track to meet its admission goals.

Arrivals September 1 – 30: 1,944

Arrivals by region for dates above:
Africa: 603
East Asia: 243
Europe: 689
Latin America: 121
Near East: 288

FY19 Total: 30,000

Since taking office, the administration has slashed admissions ceilings, doing away with the historic average of 95,000 in favor of 45,000 in FY18, 30,000 in FY19 and 18,000 in FY20.

Presidential Determinations are most often broken down by region and country, and seek to ensure that those goals are set with global need in mind. For FY20. the administration has broken with tradition, and instead of setting regional goals, has created several new categories:

Through this tracker, we will hold the administration accountable to admitting 18,000 refugees in FY20.