183 organizations send letter to Trump and Pompeo asking for a PD of 95,000

August 31, 2020

Washington, DC – Today, RCUSA joins 182 other organizations in signing a letter to President Trump and Secretary Pompeo, asking that they restore the US resettlement program to its historic norms by setting a Presidential Determination for fiscal year 2021 of 95,000.

The US had long held the distinction of being a leader in refugee resettlement, which serves not only as a critically necessary form of humanitarian relief, but as a key tool in promoting global stability.

Resettled refugees are our neighbors and community members, and during the COVID-19 pandemic have served on the front lines to keep us all safe, with 176,000 refugees working in the medical field, and an additional 175,000 along the food supply chain.

You can find the full letter and list of all 183 signatories here.