Nearly 4000 People Express their Support of Refugees and the GRACE Act through #Blackout4Refugees

October 15, 2019

Washington, DC – Beginning on October 7th, the #Blackout4Refugees social media campaign and petition launched in response to the administration’s most recent attacks against the US refugee resettlement program. Nearly 4,000 constituents – representing all 50 states and the District of Columbia – signed a petition expressing their support for refugees and refugee resettlement.

Today, Secretary Pompeo holds his consultations with Congress to determine the Presidential Determination (PD) for FY2020. The Administration has proposed setting a new historic low of 18,000. These 3,948 constituents call upon each member to support the GRACE Act (S. 1088/H.R. 2146) and restore resettlement by ensuring that the US will welcome at least 95,000 refugees.

DETAILS: Nearly 4,000 constituents expressed their support of refugees and refugee resettlement in a petition to Congress asking members to co-sponsor the GRACE Act (S. 1088/H.R. 2146).

Media Contact: Sarah Seniuk