What is Resettlement 2.0?

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August 26, 2019

RCUSA will shape the future agenda of what resettlement should look like, by reimagining a system that can address and respond to a broader group of concerns and issues relating to the process of resettlement and integration then the current system allows. Resettlement 2.0 is a reimagining of the resettlement program to inform strategic advocacy. The outcomes of Resettlement 2.0 will be used to guide policy makers and politicians through the process of rebuilding the existing program so that it is stronger, more flexible, and more responsive to all stakeholders.

  • Resettlement as it exists in the United States is under threat.

  • The current political climate calls for an examination of the program and requires us, the resettlement community, to challenge our own notion of how the program should be built.

  • The current system has been weakened and is at risk of not being able to serve clients and communities.

  • There is an urgent global need for more resettlement.

  • The lack of responsibility sharing from the perspective of the US government calls for a re-imagining of the role of civil society in this aspect of the resettlement program.


Refugee Council USA (RCUSA) is the fulcrum of curating ideas and gathering stakeholders around the theme of refugee protection and resettlement excellence. RCUSA’s Resettlement Committee will proactively capitalize on the current political climate to examine the nature of domestic resettlement work. By organizing three local workshops, the Resettlement Committee will convene traditional and non-traditional stakeholders to engage in a conversation about the future of the resettlement program in their communities. Through these workshops, and a comprehensive survey, the Center for Migration Studies (CMS) will produce a paper for publication, with tangible recommendations addressing concerns and feedback from the three meetings and survey responses.

Find our shareable document here.