Climate Displacement Working Group

The Climate Displacement Working Group advocates for policy in support of people forcibly displaced by climate change.

Founded in March 2021, the Climate Displacement Working Group was created to respond to the growing urgency of climate displacement as a complex phenomenon that raises acute humanitarian protection concerns.


The Climate Displacement Working Group serves as a platform for sharing external developments and updates on the relevant activities of RCUSA member organizations on climate displacement, provides a focal point for RCUSA engagement with the federal government and other stakeholders on the issue, serves as a space for coordinating RCUSA advocacy and strategic communications, and supports the development and implementation of future RCUSA programmatic activities.

The Climate Displacement Working Group actively advocates for climate considerations in the Biden administration’s reports on refugee admissions to Congress, Priority 2 group designations of climate-affected refugees, and regional processing of climate-displaced individuals in Central and South America. It also supports the development of new pathways in law for individuals displaced by climate change, such as through the Climate Displaced Persons Act in Congress.