Sponsorship Working Group

The Sponsorship Working Group informs, discusses challenges, and celebrates opportunities in the space.

Sponsorship opportunities are growing across the country, and the Sponsorship Working Group gathers organizations from across the coalition to identify and influence the programmatic and policy developments in all forms of community sponsorship.

About the Sponsorship Working Group

The Working Group centers around three activities:

  1. Focus on Co-Sponsorship- best practices, challenges, resources, and setting goals.
  2. Bridge different sponsorship pathways together and stay informed with programs like Welcome Corps, Welcome.US, PRM, resettlement agency sponsorship programming, and others.
  3. Identify policies and developments impacting community sponsorship and its beneficiaries.



  • Community sponsorship is a growing movement across the United States. Over the past year, new and enhanced programs at the local, regional, and national level were rapidly launched in part as a response to the Biden administration’s prioritization of rebuilding and enhancing refugee resettlement through community sponsorship. Findings from the survey reveal opportunities for support in the enhancement and expansion of community sponsorship programs and key challenges to address systemic needs and help enable new programs to launch and scale.

  • ECAR supports colleges and universities that partner with their local resettlement agency to offer free transitional housing, access to campus amenities and facilities, and a cohort of campus-community volunteers to support newcomers served by the agency.

  • Looking for ways to welcome refugees in your area? Join a community group to collaborate with the International Rescue Committee to help a refugee family resettle into their new home.