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NEW State Profiles on Refugees

The Center for Migration Studies of New York, a non-partisan think tank dedicated to the study of domestic and international migration issues, in conjunction with RCUSA has released a new set of fact sheets on refugee populations for a select group of states. You can access each of the profiles below: Arizona Florida Georgia Indiana Kentucky…

Asylum Process

Learn the steps individuals must navigate to be resettled as a refugee in the United States.

Refugee Arrivals Dashboard

Through this tracker, we will hold the administration accountable to admitting 125,000 refugees in FY24.

Resettlement Process

The US Refugee Admissions Program helps refugees resettle in the United States.

What is Resettlement 2.0?

RCUSA will shape the future agenda of what resettlement should look like, by reimagining a system that can address and respond to a broader group of concerns and issues relating to the process of resettlement and integration then the current system allows. Resettlement 2.0 is a reimagining of the resettlement program to inform strategic advocacy….

How Will Resettlement 2.0 Work?

Who is Providing Leadership to the Project? Refugee Council USA (RCUSA) is a growing coalition of agencies dedicated to refugee protection, welcome, and excellence in the US Refugee Resettlement Program. RCUSA’s Resettlement Committee, currently made of representatives of the nine Resettlement Agencies, envisioned the project and in collaboration with traditional and non-traditional stakeholders, developed a…

No Justification: The Administration’s Crusade to Ban All Refugees

As Trump Attempts to Shut Down the U.S. Asylum System, Some Officials Propose Ending Refugee Resettlement Click here to download Background: Reports indicate that some officials in the Trump administration have proposed resettling zero refugees in Fiscal Year 2020. This comes despite the worst refugee crisis in history with more than 25 million refugees worldwide…

Mid-Year Refugee Arrivals Report

Washington, DC – Midway through fiscal year 2019, the Trump administration has admitted only 12,151 refugees, less than 40% of the historically low 30,000 refugee admissions goal set by the President for the fiscal year. At this pace, the Trump administration is likely to admit the lowest number of refugees ever in the history of…

Know Your Rights As a Refugee in the US

In 2017, President Trump signed an Executive Order that sought to halt refugee resettlement. It is important for refugees and lawful residents of all types to know their rights – be that at home, traveling, or when stopped by law enforcement. KYR FOR REFUGEES