2017 World Refugee Day Toolkit: Demonstrating Welcome for Refugees

May 5, 2017

On Tuesday, June 20, we celebrate refugees’ courage in overcoming adversity and the many gifts they bring to our communities. As refugees and friends of refugees, we know the challenges newcomers face and the need for improved policies to help refugees rebuild their lives in the United States.

It’s more important than ever for community members to come together and share how they support refugees with their local, state, and national policy makers.

This toolkit includes sections on:

  • The Power of Advocacy
  • Where to Start: Teambuilding
  • Refugee Community Advocacy Week: May 29 – June 2
  • Action Alert: Urge Your Elected Leaders to Welcome Refugees
  • World Refugee Day: Media & Outreach Resources
  • Sample Advocacy Flyer for World Refugee Day
  • Sample Invite to Policy Makers to Your World Refugee Day Event
  • Sample Letter to Send your Members of Congress
  • Sample Letter to Send to Your State and Local Leaders
  • Sample Local Welcoming Resolution
  • Sample Letter for Local Leaders to Send to the White House
  • Civic Engagement on World Refugee Day

Download the toolkit.