The RCUSA Policy Center

The RCUSA Policy Center is dedicated to strengthening protection for all forcibly displaced populations and enhancing the overall effectiveness of our coalition through innovative programming, targeted convenings and workshops, and impactful policy research and development.



At the heart of the RCUSA Policy Center we believe in diversity of thought, evidence-based research, and action-centered leadership. We believe that refugees, asylees, and all other forcibly displaced populations strengthen America and help build a brighter and more prosperous future for all communities nationwide.



In order to meet today’s ongoing challenges with growing displacement crises worldwide, our approach at the RCUSA Policy Center is:

  • Yes to new and innovative ideas to improve our systems, policies, and practices;
  • And we must invest in strengthening and advancing existing protection programs.



  • Complement the work of RCUSA’s committees and working groups.
  • Strengthen collaboration among RCUSA’s coalition members and stakeholders.
  • Empower people with lived experience in forced displacement.



The Innovation Forum

An ongoing set of speaker series to provide RCUSA members the opportunity to hear directly from current and former Administration officials, Congressional offices, and leading experts on topics related to refugee resettlement and asylum services.

The Innovation Forum’s speakers series:

  • Insider Insights, a monthly series of hour long virtual events, for RCUSA members only, that allows them to engage directly with – and learn from – former US government officials; and
  • System Transformations, a series of panel discussions that will bring together a broad set of stakeholders to hear from experts who will provide informed analysis of current policy challenges and innovations, and amplify the voices of those with lived experience of forced displacement.


Resource Library


To ensure that our members have easy access to shared resources, the RCUSA Policy Center serves as an online library that collates reports, letters, policy briefs, guides, and other resources shared by our coalition.


Research Projects

The RCUSA Policy Center conducts, and publishes, cutting-edge research projects that aim to highlight new gaps and challenges in refugee protection and asylum services, as well as provide recommendations on how to best alleviate them.